About Us

We are haarper.

We like to make it simple. We’re uncomplicated. No catch, no fine print. We make things easier to understand and straight forward, which sets the tone from the beginning.

So, if you need an idea, a problem solved, a movie made, a poster designed, a large campaign, a small campaign, a new logo, an existing logo reworked, a strategy set or just a chat or a coffee, we’re probably a very good fit.

We call it Strategic Creativity or great work that goes above and beyond.

You can contact us at hello@haarper.co

Featured Project


Maintain 2XU’s brand focus on being innovative and striving for success.
Develop new and unique ideas to help reach new consumers.

Legata Projects

Develop a brand identity that differentiates Legata to other players in the project management industry.


ETO Collective
Drummond Golf
South Australia Tourism
Burch+Co Law Firm
Racing.com (Seven West Media)
Swimming Australia
Bincho Boss
Athletics Victoria
Drapac Capital Partners
Melbourne Sports Centres
Horvat Financial Advisors
William Inglis and Son Pty Ltd (Inglis)
Legata Projects
Athletics Australia
The Design Technology Company
Greenhills Propagation Nursery

  1. 2XU – Behind the scenes.

    The Brief Maintain 2XU’s brand focus of being innovative and striving for success, whilst coming up with new, unique ideas that would help reach new consumers. The Plan Move away from 2XU’s traditional data-heavy referencing,…

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  2. Our number one asset is us.

    It’s how we interact with you, casual and comfortable; it’s the value we bring, the questions we ask and the information you provide to us, that allow us to do a great job. In other…

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  3. A good (design) quote…

    In my last article, we focused on the 10 Principals for Good Design by Dieter Rams. In this article, I have collated some quotes (related to design) that I love to go back to and…

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