The Importance Of What You Do

Now, we’re not a political place here at haarper. We like to keep our culture and political culture at opposite ends, but given the election that was just run, I wanted to touch on an important, and I feel forgotten word; legacy.

In every branding session, we focus on your organisational values. Closely tied to this is; legacy. Legacy is what you stand for. In any example, legacy is what defines you when you’re long gone. It’s how you lived, how you acted, what you did to change something, someplace or someone for the better.

Back to politics. I’m unsure of the legacy any politician in Australia has left since John Howard. And that’s concerning. It’s that concern that makes me think “has nothing been memorable? Has nothing had a positive impact on my life over the last 12 years?”

When we look at brands, how will yours be remembered? Will it be remembered at all? Where do you fit in the world? And to quote Steve Jobs (recommended watching below) “We need to be really clear about what we want them (the market) to know about us.”

Are you clear on what problems you solve?

It’s crucial that you take the time to really think about how you want to be thought of, what do you want people to know? Why do they care? And how do you help them? These questions sound obvious, but commonly, there are the first questions forgotten. These questions are not shiny, they’re not new, but they are priceless.

Further reading:
From 2013 – The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum waned to capitalise on the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s death, to celebrate the life of the man, not mark his untimely end. Toward that end, it wants to emphasise the relevance of the president’s legacy in the 21st century. Source:

Written by Dan Wilkins