CASE STUDY – Education Sector.

Understanding the market and informing brand strategy to drive growth.


Approached by a well-known education provider in inner-city Melbourne, our client was looking to educate and inform their staff by developing a solid brand, a research-led strategy and a clear tactical plan.

Internally, they had a school that every parent would want to send their children to – they had small classes, passionate teachers, and an accessible location for most living or working within metro Melbourne. Specifically, they had the objective of increasing school tour bookings, which they were then confident would turn into enrolments. 

Our Approach

Budget permitted the use of quantitative research, which we used to discover what made parents and students pick our client over other schools. We also investigated behaviours towards booking and attending school tours and what factors lead to parent’s deciding whether a secondary school was a good fit for their child. 

The Result

By talking to parents and students, we gained invaluable insights into identifying, vetting, and ultimately choosing a school. We uncovered three overwhelming factors that influenced their consumer’s decision to choose our client over a competitor, which they can now leverage in their tactical rollout. 

Similarly, we identified current channels of communication that were ultimately money pits, providing no benefit to our client’s bottom line. And so, moving forward, our client can use their budget on channels that are more effective in reaching parents and students. 

We also undertook a comprehensive analysis of the locations of parents and students, identifying trends in LGA’s that make up their current enrollment and exciting areas for growth moving forward.

Finally, we established brand assets and guides regarding when, where and how to apply these across all touchpoints. 

Looking into the future, our client has a clear view of what their strategic objectives and tactical execution look like, with the purpose of significant business growth.