CASE STUDY – Sporting Sector.

Full strategic and tactical research, development and implementation.


In early 2020, a long-standing client of ours suffered the effects of COVID-19 lockdowns like many other businesses within the state. Operating in the sporting sector, our client was unable to run events, and so, the company was effectively put on pause for months.

We identified this as a valuable time to research their membership base – a task that had never been undertaken in their long history. 

Our Approach

We wanted to delve into the behaviours and attitudes of their membership base. With so many different events on the calendar, we wanted to identify any nuances in segments within their membership base. 

We also conducted primary research to assess and evaluate the overall health of our client’s brand and their brand equity.

The Result

A comprehensive segmentation of their membership identified eight key segments, all with varying attitudes and behaviours. We discovered that the type of event a member took part in determined their attitudes and motivations towards competing, allowing us to tweak the product mix to cater to these differences moving forward. 

Similarly, we uncovered key aspects of the brand itself that need to be rectified to be better perceived by current and future consumers as our client moves into key growth areas discovered by the research. In 2021, our client is well-positioned to take a strong brand into key growth markets.