The Requirement

Maintain 2XU’s brand focus on being innovative and striving for success. Develop new and unique ideas to help reach new consumers.

Our Approach

Move away from 2XU’s traditional data-heavy referencing, to focusing on the people that put in the hard work. An overall view that success is different for every person. From the athlete who wins to those who complete their first 10km run. Success starts with sacrifice.

The Result

Motivating and captivating imagery and video, displaying the hard work everyday athletes put in behind the scenes, to achieve their goals. Our campaign tagline ‘Your hard work is done behind the scenes. So is ours.’ draws a parallel between the athlete’s hard work and that of the constant innovation that 2XU puts into their products. It reassures the athlete that 2XU is working hard while they are, every step of the way, to ensure they’re at their best when they need to be.









See the videos we created, here: https://vimeo.com/haarperco

View the 2XU Campaign site: http://bit.ly/32p7wZV

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