Legata Projects

Legata Projects are the young, vibrant and independent project management firm you’ve been waiting for. We want to change the way you think of project delivery and help you create your next legacy!


Create a new brand identity that sets Legata Projects apart from other players in the project management industry.


Popping on our research caps, we checked out the competitor market and found there was a lot of black and white. Plus, hoarding in front of, and on new developments is seldom noticed, which is weird because it’s a humongous sign sitting outside a construction site.

So how do we get Legata Projects noticed when it’s on the desk, on the screen or on the construction site?


We had to keep in mind that this is a fairly ‘traditional’ industry so there had to be some constraint as to how far we pushed the needle with this brand refresh.


We wanted to create a brand that gets noticed and gets attention. Arranged in a tightly constructed square frame, the new brand mark for Legata Projects references architecture and construction and through the presence of an infinite loop that instantly catches your eye – a complete journey. It’s also definitely not black and white.


Arranged in a tightly constructed square frame, the brand mark of Legata Projects references architecture, construction and through the presence of an infinite loop that instantly catches your eye – a complete journey.


The brand mark of Legata Projects also comes in a solid form. Housed in a solid, single coloured shape, this form places a greater emphasis on the foundational strength and quality that Legata Projects stands for, while also bringing connotations of a stamp of approval.



A secondary wordmark for Legata Projects has been developed for use across certain brand applications. The format of this wordmark allows a suitable option when vertical space may be at a premium and could act as a masthead type element. Like the primary brand mark, it comes with a solid form, the panelling referencing construction material and blueprint sketches.

Legata Projects Extended Colour Palette

An extended colour palette has been developed based on other preferred colours chosen during development of the Legata Projects brand identity. These colours and their corresponding codes act as a guideline when producing brand applications. Much like the brand colour palette, this set of five colours lends itself to architecture and construction, while referencing landscaping more closely.




Containing subtle industrial elements, Monotype Grotesque has been chosen as the typeface to form part of the Legata Projects brand identity. Made available in MT Grotesque Standard and Bold, this typeface remains easily legible at varying sizes, will allow for typographic hierarchy to be created through brand applications, and compliments the brand mark through subtle contrasting type elements.




The Grid System The concept of the Legata Projects brand mark flows into both digital and print applications through the use of a grid system when creating layouts. Aside from existing concept references, the system also more widely sits within the historic and timeless layout rules from modernist design movements. Design Elements Throughout the brand applications, the three listed primary brand colours for Legata Projects feature through the use of solid colour, presence in the brand mark, and in the typography. When creating further brand applications, both the colour and typographic guidelines seen in this document must be considered, and the gridded system seen on each page be adhered to.


We also just designed and built their new website. Check it out at legataprojects.com.au