RACV Bike Assist

RACV Bike Assist


RACV doesn’t only offer excellent services to motorists and homeowners.


We aimed to educate those who love the outdoors, particularly those who do so by bicycle, that RACV offers a comprehensive and affordable network, to support you on the bike.

Cycling is fast becoming a widely adopted form of transport, fitness and weekend activity, with time, money and environmental benefits aplenty.
More than half of all vehicle trips in Melbourne are less than 6km* in length, so there are ample opportunities for more Victorians to cycle.

The City of Melbourne is the most common destination for cycling journeys to work, with over one third of trips ending there. In 2016, during the morning peak, 17 per cent of private vehicles entering the City of Melbourne were bicycles, up from 11 per cent in 2012. Residents of Melbourne’s inner north municipalities make a much higher proportion of journeys to work by bicycle than the rest of Victoria. In 2016, residents of Yarra, Moreland and Darebin recorded the greatest proportion of cycling journeys to work, for instance, 16.5 per cent of work journeys from Fitzroy North were by bicycle.*

However, riding a bike isn’t always… a walk in the park. Maybe you’re not sure how to change a tyre or worse a part breaks. Ever ridden too far and didn’t want to ride home? Or what about getting some additional benefits with your insurance?
Well, here is RACV Bike Assist.

There is no other product like RACV Bike Assist. Eight call-outs a year, with taxis coming to pick you up to the value of $50! RACV Roadside Assistance coming to fix that tyre and put you on your way, it’s pretty damn great if you ask us. RACV Bike Assist takes some of the potential pain points and ensures the problem gets fixed, with you in comfort.


We decided to move away from the typical photoshoot. We went back to marketing basics – problems and solutions. And that’s where we landed. Our campaign focused on the common problems bicycle riders may face, and how RACV Bike Assist solves them. Pretty simple, huh?

You’ll see our delightful campaign across social media and digital platforms. Our ‘problem v. solution’ content sits as both imagery and video.
You can learn more here.


We’d love to see more people on their bikes whether it’s to and from work, to the park, out with your family or if only to get your milk. Remember, flat tyres don’t discriminate, so for just $55 a year, make sure you’re covered with RACV Bike Assist.



* SOURCE: Victorian Cycling Strategy 2018-28

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