The Design Technology Co.


The Design Technology Co.

A technical and strategic branding solution for a company that is pushing the limits of engineering.

The Brief

To set DT Co. apart in an industry known for its branding reservations. The brand had to be instantly recognisable and inline with their offering: literacy with design technology.

The plan:

The Design Technology Co. recognises that technology is changing rapidly and provides the highest level of value through the latest design technologies and workflows. Thus, the branding needed to reflect this ability to adapt to their environment, providing the customer with justified confidence and reassurance.  

The outcome:

A branding that is modular and adaptable. The new DT Co. branding has been designed to be modular, adaptable, and dynamic. Rather than a static logo, the branding can be applied and used in a variety of ways, depending on the situation. Although the logo itself is modular, the overall look and feel of the new-look DT Co.  is consistent across multiple platforms, ensuring that key messages and communications are received clearly and authentically.

See their new look at: