We are haarper.
We &nbps;produce great brands.ask the right questions.attract attention. build audiences.

Our focus is doing work we are proud of.
If we’re proud, we’re confident you’ll be euphoric.

If you’re euphoric, we’ll take you to our favourite dumpling house in Melbourne.

Our work.

Featured Project


Maintain 2XU’s brand focus on being innovative and striving for success.
Develop new and unique ideas to help reach new consumers.

Featured Project

RACV Bike Assist

Identification of problems and solutions faced by bike riders.
Illustrations to display how RACV Bike Assist helps riders get back on their bike, quickly.

Featured Project

Swimming Australia

Creative content for use across digital platforms, for key events.

Featured Project

The Design Technology Co.

A technical and strategic branding solution, for a company that is modular and adaptive.

Featured Project

Drac Mechanical – Brand

Design that challenges the traditional, in the mechanical engineering industry.

Featured Project

Athletics Victoria

Full scope Marketing, Design and Communications services for Victoria’s premier Athletics governing body.

At haarper. we like to keep it simple.

We’re uncomplicated. No catch, no fine print. We make things easier to understand and straight forward, which sets the tone from the beginning. So, if you need an idea, a problem solved, a movie made, a poster designed, a large campaign, a small campaign, a new logo, an existing logo reworked, a strategy set or just a chat or a coffee, we’re probably a very good fit.

  • Branding

    We are finders and

    We sit together to work out your brand values. Set expectations. Create a vision. And identify your brand story.

  • Strategy

    We are problem solvers
    and navigators.

    We ask questions and find the answers, together. This problem-solving process allows us to produce a ‘road map’ and a step-by-step plan.

  • Design

    We are creators and stylists.

    To ensure your brand is always looking its best, we create a visual representation of your business and brand values. We set the benchmark for attention, recall and action.

  • Distribution

    We are entertainers
    and analysers.

    Now it’s time to bring it all to life. Let’s engage your audience. Let’s get them talking and interacting with your brand. We identify the ideal marketing mix to attract attention.

“From a marketing perspective it’s crucial that you take the time to really think about how you want to be thought of, what do you want people to know? Why do they care? And how do you help them? These questions sound obvious, but commonly, they’re the first questions forgotten, or at worse, not even asked.”
Dan Wilkins, Founder & Head of Strategy
“Our partners want to be brought on the journey, not to have us tell them what to do and what not to do. We think that message is lost in today’s creative world.”
Kristen Gallagher, Head of Group Accounts
“Finding your brand position is essential to the overall success of whatever it is that you do. Put simply, it gives people a reason to buy your brand.”
Nick Katsonis, Strategy & Engagement